CP3 Dunked, But His Son Is Pretty Sure It Didn’t Happen

Pro Wrestling Editor

Here’s a video of Chris Paul throwing down a two-handed dunk. The Mayan apocalypse might actually be upon us.

The best part of the clip is that his own son didn’t believe it happened. Hold on to your butts, because this is the most adorable thing you’re going to read today. From Kevin Arnovitz on Twitter, by way of The Basketball Jones:

Well, technically he’s right. Maybe we should bring in Little Chris as a special guest analyst for next week’s Wednesday Dunk Battle. You know, assuming we can convince him between now and then that this is a Legitimate Dunk, and that the world doesn’t end tomorrow.

If that doesn’t count, we can always use CP3 dunking on Dwight Howard from a few years back, because reasons:

[h/t to Danielle]

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