This Ridiculous Madden Glitch Somehow Turned A Fumble Into A Pass To A Defender For A Score

As the NFL season begins in real life fans are digging further into Madden NFL 20, the latest EA Sports football simulation. The game is getting plenty of run, which also means there are glitches to be found. Video games are a tough business, and the product can be unpredictable. Especially online. There are a lot of factors that can go wrong, and no matter how realistic the physics and engines used to make the game, sometimes things can get crazy.

That appears to be the case with a glitch that popped up on Twitter on Sunday. Miguel Lozada posted a video in frustration when an online Ultimate Team game between the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers goes horribly awry. Lozada, @MLozado on Twitter, was apparently playing with the Steelers when he completed a pass over the middle before his opponent laid a big hit on the wideout.

The hit caused a Big Hitter Fumble, which the Lions recovered. Well, kind of. The ball then hit a Lions player, who somehow batted it a full 30+ yards down the field and into the waiting arms of a digital player that looks to be Aaron Donald.

Donald then fields the batted ball like an All-Pro wideout and turns on the jets at midfield to return what was a fumble for something that looks more like a 50-yard touchdown. The whole play is completely insane, and the physics of whether that can even happen are questionable here. Madden can be a fascinating NFL simulator, and it’s fun to use the game’s engine to see what might happen in the real world. But I’m not sure if we’ll ever see anything quite like this in an NFL game.

It did look cool as hell, though, and it’s a glitch worth watching a few times just to take it all in. It’s only a game, of course, but it’s hard to feel like things are fair when everything goes against you that brutally.

Lozada later posted another crazy Madden glitch, in which a running back goes on the most casual of big gains while helpless defenders fail to stop his meandering down the field.

The lesson here, as always: just don’t stop running.