The Terrifyingly Accurate Tom Brady Mask Made A ‘Today’ Appearance And It Was Creepy As Hell

Have you ever heard of the uncanny valley? It’s the concept that if something man-made (normally a robot) looks too much like a real human, it produces a feeling of revulsion and rejection from other human observers. It really makes you think about the limits of science, and the unknowable capacities of the human brain for both empathy and fear.

Anyway, look at this dang creepy mask of Tom Brady.

According to the below Today Show clip, the mask was the brainchild of Bleacher Report for the sole purpose of creating shareable online content about a creepy Brady mask. I guess this means you win, B/R.

The mask was created by a company called Hyperflesh — HYPERFLESH — which really tells you all you need to know about it. The fact that the mask looks substantially bigger than a normal human face, despite being situated on a normal human head, does not mitigate the sense of unease that gazing into it produces.

Of course, the accuracy of the mask is dependent on it being a perfect snapshot, which means an articulated mouth would have been too much to ask. That leaves the wearer of the mask as a silent Brady avatar with an unblinking gaze. Watching. Waiting.