Cristiano Ronaldo Got Served Hard By A Ball Boy And It Is Wonderful

This has got to be the greatest soccer video we’ve ever shared. Better than helicopter brawls, better than the time a lady tried to jam her hand up a Man U player’s butt, better than people getting ninja kicked in the face. This is a MENTAL ninja kick in the face. An EMOTIONAL hand up the butt.

Cristiano Ronaldo wants the ball boy to hurry up. The ball boy doesn’t appreciate his tone. It looks like the situation is gonna work itself out, and then BOOM, ROASTED. If you’re just skimming through these clips and didn’t watch the video, I don’t want to spoil it for you here. Watch it. Classic “f*ck you.”

(He probably should’ve gotten kicked in the face for that, but whatever, it’s hilarious.)

via Reddit