CrossFit Fail Is The Most Dangerous Fail

All in all, I’d consider With Leather a very pro-CrossFit site. Our Editor Emeritus Matt Ufford has been to the CrossFit Games and recently we shined a spotlight on morons who couldn’t handle a pregnant woman exercising.

Having said that, CrossFit can be a dangerously psychotic thing when it’s done incorrectly, as I assume is happening in this video of a lady doing full squats of over 400 pounds without a spotter or a squat rack and almost getting her head ripped off, her spine snapped in half and her asshole driven up through her mouth in the process. I’d wager that CrossFit fails are the most dangerous kinds of fails, and exercising like this is the equivalent of base-jumping at your gym.

Watch with an increasing sense of impending doom as she PUSHES PUSHES PUSHES for ONE MORE YOU GOT THIS.

Pro Tip: If the weight is about to turn you into an animated accordion, do not wait for the guy with the camera to say “back” before releasing it. Do not literally kill yourself to be CoolFit.

[h/t to NIS]