Ottawa Senators Fans Showered Their Team With Hamburgers And Curtis Lazar Ate One

Ottawa Senators goalie Andrew Hammond, 27, is nicknamed “The Hamburgler,” which dates back to his college days at Bowling Green. After making his first career NHL start on February 18 as an injury replacement for Robin Lehner, all Hammond has done since then is go 12-1, helping his team move to within two points of the final playoff spot in the NHL’s Eastern Conference, and as you’d expect, their fans are giddy.

After recent home wins, Senators fans have celebrated by showering their new hero goaltender with hamburgers being thrown onto the ice. On Thursday night, Hammond’s teammate Curtis Lazar decided to pick one up and eat it.

Let’s see, that’s 20 minutes of game action since the last Zamboni cleaning. Do hockey players sweat? Or spit? Or blow snot? Nah. The burger was probably clean. We’ll allow it.