Jerry Jones Bought Himself A Fancy New Helicopter From Which He Can Shoot Pigs

Shutterstock/USA Today

Let’s say you’re Jerry Jones. You are crazy rich and you are arguably overly involved in the day-to-day logistics of the Dallas Cowboys. It takes you an hour to drive from your team’s headquarters to your massive stadium. What do you do to alleviate this unimaginable hassle? You buy a custom helicopter for your own personal use.

Yes, Jones will be traveling around Dallas in a helicopter now. “To me it kind of says a little bit about the glitz — the glamour, if you will — of the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones said. The base model for the particular helicopter Jones has purchased is $8.5 million, but considering that Jones’ copter has the Cowboys’ logo on the tail, one assumed he did not go for the standard model. After all, Jones says the copter will be “a tool that we want to really use to be a part of the function of the franchise.” See, this isn’t a ridiculous extravagance for some obscenely wealthy billionaire! It’s a function of the franchise!

It’s also apparently usable as a tool to rain death from above on pigs. Discussing the many benefits of helicopter ownership, Jones said, “You can shoot out of it. You can shoot pigs out of it. You can do a lot of things in this helicopter.” One can only assume that Jones has plans to shoot pigs from his helicopter. Otherwise, it’s an odd thing to mention. If you see a field of murdered pigs around Dallas, you probably know who to blame.

(Via FOX Sports)