‘Dan Miragliotta’s Finest Moments’ Is The Best In Terrible Refereeing

Dan Miragliotta is an excessively orange, ridiculously muscled, giant version of Taz(z). He is also, generally speaking, a terrible mixed martial arts referee. He’s prone to both early and late stoppages, blindly missing fouls, penalizing nonexistent fouls, and pretty much any other complaint that has ever been leveled at a ref. Thankfully, some intrepid fan has compiled these goofs into one fantastic video, with the delightful treatise of “What if instead of a human man, Dan Miragliotta was an ogre?”. As a thought experiment, it’s pretty delightful, and kind of explains a lot of Big Dan’s refereeing mistakes. He just doesn’t know how human fighting works is all!

Keep being orange and giant, Dan, at least you aren’t Kim Winslow.