Dan Snyder Ain't Care

03.14.12 5 Comments

The Washington Redskins were 5-11 last year. This comes as no surprise, because, give or take a field goal or two, the Redskins are always 5-11. In an attempt to turn things around, last week the team packaged a total of three first-round picks (and one second-rounder) to go after Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick in the draft. After trading away all those picks, however, the NFL slapped them down for “unfairly” front-loading contracts during the uncapped 2010 season, and lowered their cap figure by $36 million. So, in summary, in the past week, the Redskins have lost a substantial amount of both draft picks and money. A sensible owner would process this information and wade carefully into free agency, trying to maximize the limited resources he has left. The Redskins, on the other hand, have Dan Snyder, who promptly signed wide receivers Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan.

Garcon’s deal is a blockbuster: five years for $42.5 million with $20.5 million guaranteed, including an $11 million signing bonus.

Morgan agreed to a contract worth $12 million over the first two years, with $7.5 million guaranteed. His full contract is for five years, but the final three can be voided. [ESPN]

When reached for comment about committing $28 million to two wide receivers in the face of his team’s financial and personnel limitations, Dan Snyder had this response:

Dan Snyder ain’t care.

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