Dana White Discussed Floyd Mayweather’s Chances In UFC And How Murdered He’d Get

In a story that I swear is not from 1996, here’s an episode of Arsenio about UFC.

UFC President Dana White went on the show on Monday and discussed a variety of things, the most interesting being Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s chances should he leave the worlds of boxing (and show promotion) behind to step into the octagon. Spoiler alert: it involved the word “murder” and a comparison to a guy who thinks he can bring a knife to a guns-and-chains-and-crowbars fight.

C’mon, Dana, Floyd would be fine. Former UFC Heavyweight Champion just beat The Big Show at WWE Royal Rumble. Money Mayweather did that once at a WrestleMania, so it’s all gotta statistically coordinate, right?

In case you’re wondering, here’s an artist’s rendering of a dead Floyd Mayweather.