Dana White Offered Nick Diaz Some Advice On Being A Promoter In MMA

05.31.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

Dana and Ronda

When it comes to Nick Diaz’s status with the UFC, only Nick Diaz knows what the hell is going on. After he lost by unanimous decision to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158, Diaz famously stated that he was, once again, retiring from fighting. Then he mentioned that he’d reconsider retirement if he was granted an immediate rematch against GSP, but he didn’t deserve that at all, so that was out of the question. And he also claimed that he’d be down for a “superfight” but he was basically in no spot to be calling his own shots.

So retirement from fighting it was, and Diaz soon announced that his first gig in the post-fighting life would be running his own promotion, WAR MMA, based out of bird-flippin’ soccer mom haven Stockton, California. Naturally, Dana White was asked about Diaz’s new venture, and he offered this very strong piece of advice

“Good for him. Welcome to the losing money business.”

Added Junior dos Santos, “I know, RIGHT???”

White was also asked if he was aware that Carlos Condit, currently the No. 2-ranked welterweight fighter behind Johny Hendricks, had said that he’d be willing to fight Diaz again, and that seemed to be news to White. But either way, with all of the talent in the welterweight division, do we really even care if we ever see Diaz fight again?

Nick Diaz Fingers

I’m serious. What does he bring to the table aside from his rotten attitude and willingness to feign bullsh*t hatred of other fighters for the sake of boosting PPV sales? WAR MMA is set to launch in Stockton on June 22, so if he succeeds then maybe he’ll make a run at White himself, or if he fails he’ll come running back. How about we watch that unfold and let Rory MacDonald eventually have his shot?

Good, I’m glad we all agree.

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