David Hasselhoff Brought KITT From ‘Knight Rider’ To ‘SportsCenter,’ And It Was Awesome

Senior Editor
02.20.15 6 Comments

Long before he ran half-naked on the beach, long before he drunkenly ate Wendy’s on a bathroom floor, David Hasselhoff was the owner and operator of KITT, the high-tech, crime-fighting vehicle on Knight Rider. This beast of car was a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, transformed at a cost of $100k for the show. Sure, it was the early ’80s, and it was only a Trans Am, but at the time, it was the coolest damn thing ever.

On Friday, Hasselhoff rolled into the ESPN garage with KITT to tease his appearance on SportsCenter. It was awesome in a lame, nostalgic kind of way.

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