DeAngelo Williams Went All-Out For His ‘Walking Dead’ Wedding That Had Zombies At The Altar

Over the years, Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams has established that he has no shame for his love of pop culture. Whether he is rocking a pair of Garfield pajamas or belting out songs from Frozen, Williams goes all in.

Nothing he has done before, though, will top his latest endeavor: a Walking Dead themed wedding photo shoot. This wasn’t your half-baked put on some makeup and make some funny faces either. No, Williams and his bride Risalyn pulled out all the stops with full professionally done makeup for themselves and their wedding parties, as well as elaborate scenes of them being hunted down by the walkers. They also brought along ESPN cameras to capture the entire experience on film.

Williams was apparently a huge fan of horror movies and WWE legend The Undertaker growing up, and then he latched on to The Walking Dead when it started six years ago. He wanted to do his zombie-themed photoshoot for the engagement pictures, but that was during the season, so he had to wait for the wedding itself.

Shockingly, Williams didn’t have to twist his new wife’s arm at all to fulfill his fantasy. In fact, Risalyn Williams said her bridesmaids needed more convincing than she did. That’s how you know she’s the one, DeAngelo.

(Via: @DeAngeloRB)