DeMarcus Destined for D-League?

12.27.10 7 years ago

When a prospect for the NBA Draft, or any draft for that matter, is deemed to have “character issues,” there should be some sort of relative scale to determine what sort of issues they have. Do they have Ron Artest’s insanity? JaMarcus Russell’s promethazine codeine induced laziness? Maybe they have Todd Marinovich’s love of heroin, or Michael Vick’s love of animal cruelty. Either way, few prospects came with as many warning labels as Sacramento Kings rookie, DeMarcus Cousins. Despite being considered too immature to play in the NBA by many scouts, the Kings took Cousins fifth overall in last summer’s draft, a decision they may soon regret if they decide to demote him to the NBADL.

The possibility is increasing that the Kings will have serious conversations about sending DeMarcus Cousins, the No. 5 pick in June and projected future starting center, to the NBA Development League. Kicking him out of practice hasn’t changed his sloppy focus, fining him hasn’t improved his attitude and, most recently, pulling him from the opening lineup Thursday against the Bucks for giving a choke sign to the Warriors two nights earlier hasn’t nudged him in the right direction. So, some quality time with the Reno Bighorns becomes a growing thought.
–Hang Time Blog

If Cousins were to be sent down to the D-League, he would compete against the likes of Antoine Walker, Joe Alexander, and B.J. Mullens. Oddly enough, he would also complete against Marcus Cousin, his “Bizzaro Jerry.”

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