Derrick Coleman Photobombing DMX Is Delightful

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06.14.12 6 Comments

When someone sends an awesome photo my way with no description, I try very hard to dig up any kind of context that I can, as to not simply present the image and say, “Durrrr, here be photo.” But sometimes we’re given pictures that simply don’t need context because they’re just perfect as is.

Last night, rapper DMX Tweeted the above image from his Instagram account, featuring him, Nas, and someone named DJ Drama (my hip hop knowledge is limited to 3rd Bass and Snow). And behind them, if for no reason other than he was there, is former New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Charlotte Hornets, and Detroit Pistons forward Derrick Coleman.

Now, I’m no expert on starting a rapper’s entourage, but I think DMX has set the bar a little low here. At least call Kendall Gill, Felton Spencer, Bo Kimble, Rumeal Robinson, and Alaa Abdelnaby to round out the rest of the 1990 NBA Draft talent. That’s a crew that would probably work for their swag.

(H/T to my hombre Danger Guerrero.)

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