Derrick Henry Unleashed The Meanest Stiff Arm Of The Year And Sent Josh Norman Flying

The thing about Derrick Henry is he’s gigantic and fast and strong and seems like an absolutely nightmare to tackle. This is what makes him a great running back, of course, but it also means that when he uses his size to his advantage, he’s capable of making professional athletes look silly.

An example of this came on Tuesday night’s rescheduled NFL game between the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills. The first half of the game was pretty ugly, which isn’t a huge surprise considering the teams involved in the game, but Henry was able to convince a pretty remarkable moment where he rag dolled Bills cornerback Josh Norman. Henry took a handoff that was designed to go up the middle, but instead bounced it to the outside, where Norman was the only person standing between himself and the first down line.

So Henry, in a moment of being gigantic, unleashed a stiff arm that sent Norman — who is listed at 6-foot and 200 pounds — flying backwards.

There were offsetting flags on the play, so it technically ended up not counting. But video is forever, and as the video shows, this is a moment that Norman is going to try to forget.