Deshaun Watson Credited The Popeyes Sandwich For Healing His Eye

A week ago, Deshaun Watson made one of the best individual plays of the NFL season when he spun out of a sack, got kicked in the eye, and threw a touchdown pass while adjusting his helmet.

It was the type of play that is unique to a talent like Watson, and the end result was six points and a blood-shot left eye. On Sunday, Watson was back in action with the Texans in London, taking on the Jaguars, and he led Houston to a 26-3 win in a fairly sloppy game overseas. Watson was, once again, very solid in the win, completing 22-of-28 passes for 201 yards and two touchdowns.

After the game, Watson was asked about how his eye felt a week later, as it was still blood red in the corner, and he told the sideline reporter it felt great, before explaining the key to his swift recovery: Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

I’m not here to question the healing powers of Popeyes, but I am a bit curious about the timing here. The sandwich made its dramatic return to the world of fast food on Sunday, and Watson says he ate them this week, so I have some questions.

Has London had the sandwiches this whole time?
Does London even have Popeyes?
Does Watson have a Popeyes plug to get him the sandwiches early in Houston?
Where do I get a Popeyes plug?
Is this a sneaky #sponcon situation where he’s getting paid by Popeyes to slip a reference in, NASCAR style?

Whatever the case, Popeyes is now, if it wasn’t already, the favorite fast food chicken restaurant of Texans fans everywhere because that beloved sandwich gave their quarterback the strength to power through his eye issue.