Deshaun Watson Threw The Ball Backwards Trying To Avoid A Sack In A Near Disaster For The Browns

It has not been a good start to the season for Deshaun Watson, as the Cleveland Browns starter has regressed tremendously from his All-Pro days in Houston. Watson was largely the reason the team lost on Monday night a week ago to Pittsburgh, as turnovers and two personal foul penalties on Watson helped the Steelers win a game in which their offense was dreadful as well.

This week, the Browns faced off with yet another inept offense, as they dueled with Ryan Tannehill and the Titans in Cleveland, and it was yet another disasterclass from both offenses. Tannehill and the Titans couldn’t do anything in the first half against Myles Garrett and the Browns defense, only mustering their 3 points on a field goal set up by a Cleveland turnover. The Browns fared a bit better, but Watson continued to make some of the worst decisions you will ever see from a quarterback (particularly one who was once among the league’s best).

The funniest example of Watson’s baffling decision-making came in the second quarter when he got wrapped up for a near sack and then chose to chuck the ball backwards towards Elijah Moore, which meant the bouncing ball was a live fumble which led to a big loss of yardage for Cleveland as Moore scooped it up and quickly got brought down well behind the line of scrimmage.

The announcers reacting to Watson just hucking the ball backwards is hysterical, and you could hear the Browns crowd groan in anguish as the ball bounced around on the turf. The good news for Cleveland is, the Titans are quite bad and so this drive still somehow ended up being a touchdown for the Browns despite the best efforts of Watson on this play.