This Unbelievable Quote From The Detroit Lions’ New President Will Have You Scratching Your Head

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Detroit Lions

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Let’s preface this story with some facts about the Detroit Lions:

-They have one playoff win since 1957
-They are the only NFC team that hasn’t appeared in the Super Bowl
-They are 2-7 in 2015

And oh yeah, the Ford family just gave the organization an enema, firing the President and GM after an abysmal showing following an 11-5 season. They replaced one of them with an adviser of the family, a man with no football experience named Ron Wood. Now, to be fair, the president of a football team doesn’t necessarily need to know the game. He needs to how to handle a business, he needs to know how to handle money, and so on and so forth. It would be nice if he knew football, but it’s not a make or break kind of thing.

The biggest problem fans are having with Ron Wood is that he is a member of the Ford family inner circle, a man who many believe got the job because of cronyism. Today, in his first press conference as President of the Lions, Wood gave this obnoxiously awful quote, one that has many scratching their head.

Ladies and gentlemen, this quote sums up the Detroit Lions organization for the last five decades. This is why they have one playoff win since 1957. This is why fans are so frustrated with the team.

How sad.

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