This Detroit Lions Superfan Let Loose With An Amazing Rant After Getting Kicked Out Of The Game

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Earl Springer Lions fan


The Lions and Bears played a football game on Sunday. It was a bad football game. In fact, it barely resembled football as we know it. I mean, there was a ball made of pigskin, I’m quite sure of that. And yes, there were two goal posts and players hitting each other. But beyond that, I’m not sure what we saw. There was fumbling and bumbling and dropped passes and bad coaching, par for the course when it comes to two of the NFL’s worst teams. So, in that respect, we shouldn’t be all that surprised.

Anyway, one Lions fan claims he has endured this nonsense for 125-straight games. Not counting preseason, that’s 15 years of Lions sucktitude, beginning right after Matt Millen took the reigns in 2001. That’s a lot of bad, bad football. That’s actually very depressing. He should seek counseling immediately. But moving on, Mr. Earl Spring claims he was kicked out of Sunday’s game for cheering during the third quarter. What was he cheering for? Who knows. But that’s beside the point because Superfan is mad.

“Superfan and Detroit Don, and this is how I get taken care of? While we’re 0-5?! And we’re in the middle of a divisional game? Against the Chicago Bears? And I get thrown out for standing?”

By the way, the Lions won in overtime with a Matt Prater field goal. Superfan was not around to see the Lions win.

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