Did Brandon Marshall Really Challenge A Lions Fan To A Fight?

Your 2014-2015 Chicago Bears, everyone: showing more fight on social media than on the field. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall had an ugly back-and-forth with a Detroit Lions fan, one that ultimately led to Marshall challenging the man to a fight for $25k.

Here’s the whole story.

A “fan” by the name of Anthony Kalla needled Marshall by calling his mom a “whore” on Instagram. Marshall then screencapped that message and posted it on Twitter.

“I give you 5k to get in a ring with me.”

Kalla claims he made the comment in large part because Marshall ripped the city of Detroit last year, calling it “little brother” and making fun of the city’s financial issues. Trolls need a basis for trolling, obviously. He later said he didn’t “mean it.”


The situation escalated from there and Marshall upped the ante to $25k.

And now there’s a potential date for this stupidity, according to Kalla.

Kalla, who’s 5-foot-10 and 220 pounds according to a friend, even tweeted to Marshall a potential date for the fight, February 14, 2015.

“That’s when we’re shooting for,” Chris Khemmoro, Kalla’s friend from West Bloomfield, told The Detroit News. “If we have to reschedule, we’ll reschedule, but this is going to happen. He’s going to fight him.”

For what it’s worth, Marshall says any fight would be charity.

Moral of the story here? Just ignore Twitter trolls everyone. They’re the worst. We’re all dumber for addressing them and giving them publicity.

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