Diego Cavalieri Left His Wife Because She Talked To The Media About His Penis

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07.12.13 3 Comments

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In one of the most bizarre (if true) stories of athlete divorces that we’ll talk about this year, there are reports that Brazilian National Team goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri has left his wife, model Daniela Carvalho, because she allegedly talked to Brazilian media and gossip rags about the size of her husband’s penis. So why on Earth would she do something like that? Because his teammates accidentally posted his dong to Instagram.

While celebrating their Confederations Cup victory, Givanildo Vieira de Souza (AKA Hulk) and Réver Humberto Alves Araújo (AKA Réver) took a photo together, with the two Brazilian stars holding the Cup trophy. No big deal, right? Well, it turns out that Cavalieri was sitting at his locker in the background while wearing nothing but a towel, and he had the whole churrasco on display for everyone.

Cavalieri Dong

The unedited photo was deleted from Instagram, but this is the freaking Internet and everything remains, no matter how much we’d love it to disappear. So instead of just letting this pass, Carvalho apparently felt the need to invoke Jessie James and stand up for her athlete husband by telling the media that Cavalieri’s penis is just fine.

And then he reportedly moved out of their home, because he’s an adult.

(H/T to the awesomely-named Who Ate All The Pies?)

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