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In one of the longest and most intense rivalries in NCAA Division III basketball, the Flying Dutchmen of Hope College (Holland, MI) defeated the Calvin College Knights (Grand Rapids, MI) 79-76 to take a one game advantage in the 167-game series. The rivalry has maintained its zeal because of the schools' proximity and their religious affiliations. You see, Hope is a Reformed Church in America school while Calvin is a Christian Reformed Church in North America college. While I don't have to explain the intricate differences of these faiths to the theologians who read this blog, one might wonder how similar religious sects could draw bragging rights from a game:

1936-37: Once again the series was interrupted. Now the popular, but intense rivalry would go on a six-year hiatus for reasons never fully explained. Fan behavior continued to be less than exemplary, and there was a tendency to use game results to bolster denominational positions in Sunday sermons.

Oh well, the rivalry is good natured now. And both colleges produce fine scholar-athletes who go on to success in the world. They're not like those dirty Jesuits who have to cheat the Vincentians just to win a Big East game. -KD  

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