A Division III Game Featured The Most Improbable Interception You’ll Ever See

While all of us were busy watching FBS football on Saturday, a Division III game featured maybe the wildest interception of all-time. Utica and Cortland are two schools based out of Upstate New York. Cortland’s quarterback was under some pressure and tried to throw a dart up the field into the outstretched arms of one of his receivers.

He didn’t get it there fast enough, because a Utica defender made an awesome play to tip the ball in the air. Cortland’s receiver fell to the ground and the ball awkwardly bounced off of his back. One Utica defender dove in and tried to catch the ball on the bounce, but he wasn’t able to real it in.

What he was able to do was get his helmet under the ball and head butt it into the arms of another teammate. He only returned the interception a few yards before he got knocked out of bounds, but the entire Utica sideline went insane. And you really can’t blame them: this is the kind of flukey play that never happens and you’re never going to forget seeing this in person.

I guess you can say this is some heads up football. Everyone involved used their heads. It was a heady play if you got to witness it from the Utica sideline. Head jokes.

(Via SB Nation)