Does Anyone Still Think Boxing Is Real

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.17.11 6 Comments

Former UFC fighter Kimbo Slice is having a hell of a boxing career; he won his first professional fight against a guy we jokingly referred to as Glass Joe (from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!) by just sorta walking toward a guy and punching, so it makes sense that his second opponent wouldn’t be much harder. The video, courtesy of our friends at Cage Potato, depicts Saturday’s entire Kimbo vs. Tay Bledsoe fight, wherein Tay gets a boxing glove brushed across his nose and it causes him to instantly lose consciousness and collapse, and probably die. You’d think a guy who was a boxing teacher (… at the military academy!) would’ve stuck in there longer, but whatever, he’s the second guy.

Eventually Kimbo’s going to have to throw hands someone who doesn’t think a quick payday is more important than dignity, but I swear, if his next opponent is an Asian guy in a “Japan’s Best” headband I’m going to laugh my ass off. Worst case scenario, somebody takes a punch and throws one back, and Kimbo signs up for three more Scorpion King movies and leaves the punching to Billy Zane.

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