This Dog Couldn’t Get Enough Of Game 7 Of The World Series

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The Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series Wednesday night is great, but dogs are the greatest. Whether they’re gifting the Internet with viral videos or dreaming about their owners whenever they’re not eating and pooping, canines provide their hoo-mans (and the hoo-mans who wish they had dogs) with the most wonderful joys life has to offer. Like footage of a Golden Retriever named George loosing his sh*t while watching Cubs pitcher Aroldis Chapman take on the Cleveland Indians’ batting lineup.

If George’s name sounds familiar, that’s because the sports-addled rascal’s likeness when viral in 2014 when footage of him excitedly watching the Australian Open went viral. This made perfect sense then, as most dogs love tennis balls (or anything remotely resembling one), so to watch a bunch of people bat one around a court probably made George’s day.

With the World Series, the same logic applies as tennis balls and baseballs aren’t all that different from each other. Sure, they’re made of completely different materials, colored with drastically contrasting shades of neon green and white, and bounce with varying degrees of success. Upon careful inspection of the above video’s ridiculously happy puppy, however, it seems George doesn’t care about the difference at all. He loves baseball(s) as much as he adores tennis (balls), and watching game seven of the World Series was simply the best thing ever in George’s mind.

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