Dolphin Stadium Is the Open-Air Kingdome

10.03.06 11 years ago

Dolphin Stadium, which apparently is no longer called Joe Robbie OR Pro Player Stadium — I must have missed that memo — is falling apart. Seriously. Chunks of concrete are falling and landing on Marlins fans (who, apparently, actually exist). According to news services, investigations have been ordered. Well, good fucking call on that, since the stadium is the site of the Orange Bowl, Super Bowl XLI, and at least a couple more games of "JO-EY!" chants. Fans tend to get upset when they get hit with concrete at sporting events. Ordinarily that kind of treatment is reserved for NY Giants fans at the Linc in Philly.

Pretty cool that a stadium would rather collapse than endure Jeffrey Loria's machinations and the Daunte Culpepper Traveling Failure Show. If this trend spreads the Oakland Coliseum is royally fucked. Which is fitting, because those are both football stadiums with baseball infields on the gridiron. Those things should be humanely destroyed as soon as possible.

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