Donald Trump Claims That Scotland Loves His New Golf Course, Scotland Disagrees

Reality TV host, global real estate icon and world’s largest source of natural hot air Donald Trump reached a new level of relevance during the 2012 presidential election, as he trolled Twitter ever so hard and goaded millions of people into reacting to his shameless, arrogant and irresponsible opinions about President Barack Obama and the future of America. All the while, as people lashed out at the world’s most famous head of hair, there was a hilarious irony in a man who has declared bankruptcy 5 times proclaiming to know what is wrong with America. But we ain’t here to chatter politics.
Instead, now that the election is over and Trump is through dangerously tossing around the word revolution, Trump chose to get back to pushing random buttons, this time targeting the fine people of Scotland, where he recently built Trump International Golf Links, an ambitious golf course that Trump claims sets a “new standard in course design” while “honoring Scottish tradition”. Also, you have to be wealthy as hell to become a member, so naturally the people who have had the honor of playing this course think it’s the kilt’s tilt.
That let Trump to this recent boast.

Obviously, you have to keep in mind that Trump’s idea of the “people of Scotland” are those whose families have lived in castles for 10 centuries and have more wealth than most European nations. So normal Scottish people, like you or I with an awesome accent and fiery temper, naturally don’t share Trump’s sentiment and they fired back at the CEO of the Miss Universe Organization on Twitter, to hilarious results.
However, as much as people fall for Trump’s bait and spit hot fire at him, I have a soft spot for the arrogant lug. That’s because he gave the world Ivanka Trump, and really, can you be mad at him for that? After the jump, enjoy the hatred of haggis that was slung at Trump, but also enjoy Ivanka for some balance.