Donald Trump Fails At Pandering By Asking ‘How’s Joe Paterno?’ At Pittsburgh Rally

Donald Trump. What a guy. Ask others about him, about Trump. They’ll all tell you the same thing. Guy’s a real winner. Did you see he was in Pittsburgh recently? Pittsburgh. Home of the Steelers, a terrific football franchise, one of the best in the NFL. The best.

But did you hear what Trump said while he was in Pittsburgh? You hear this? He asked how Joe Paterno was doing, if we were going to bring “that” back. With quotations and everything. I mean, who wants “that” back? Does anybody want that back? I’ve talked to a bunch of people and none of them want “that” back.

Now, Paterno died in 2012, but Trump didn’t know or didn’t care, probably both. There’s a guy — Trump — who’s made a fool out of himself more than a few times. Is it surprising he did it here? It’s not surprising to me. I’ve known Trump a long time.

Now, he could have been talking about the statue. There’s a statue of Paterno. Yeah, a statue. Really. And you only put statues up for things that are the best. I know this because I’m the best. I’ve been told this by several people. Everybody I’ve talked to says I’m the best. You’d think that a guy who’s the best at everything could recognize when he fails at pandering to a local crowd.

Pittsburgh — I’ve already mentioned them, home of the Steelers — never liked Penn State. Never like ’em. Not one bit. So now Trump’s messed up twice. Not once, twice. Sad!

(All joking aside, a Trump spokesperson claims that he was talking about the Paterno statue and not the real Joe Paterno, who passed away four years ago. Whether or not you trust this is beside the point, because mentioning anything Penn State-related in a positive light in Pitt country is almost always a bad idea.)