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Not pictured: L.A.'s defense

NBA – Remember Game 2 when the Lakers almost erased a 24-point second half Celtics lead, falling just short of an all-time postseason comeback? Me neither. But the Celtics pulled it off last night, erasing a 21-point 1st quarter and 18-point halftime deficit en route to pretty much wrapping up their first title in 22 years. There goes the Staples Center winning streak. Thanks for roundly sucking in the 2nd half, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. Same goes for Kobe, except replace "2nd half" with "entire game". Boston countered the 35-14 first quarter sortie by L.A. by closing out the 3rd with a 21-3 run, as 3rd quarters have been fairly kind to the Celts in this series. Boston finally captured the lead with a few minutes remaining and Ray Allen blew past Game 3 hero and Game 4 turd Sasha Vujacic with 16.4 remaining for a nearly uncontested lay-up to seal the win. Is it the curse of Will Smiff, who mugged for the camera while planting huge showy courtside kisses on his wife? Almost certainly not, but it was still disgusting. And now that the series is effectively over, we get to wait another three days until Sunday for it to be official. Drag it out as long as possible, NBA. We wouldn't have it any other way.

MLB – The Tigers' Miguel Cabrera got to take a celebratory stroll around the basepaths then immediately head into the clubhouse in what is often called a "walkoff homer," over the White Sox in the bottom of the 9th last night. That's silly. The homer didn't walk anywhere. It flew out of the field of play in a parabolic motion…Hideki Matsui clubs a birthday gland slam to provide all the offense in the Yankees' 4-1 win over the A's. The stripper hidden in his cake was happy to see the clubbing out of his system later on…The Cubs take their 11th straight home win in a 3-2 extra innings victory over the Braves. The Cubs are gonna do it. It's a sign, it's a given. Jinxjinxjinx…Billy Wagner is getting into a blown save groove, his third in a row wasting a 10-strikeout performance by Johan Santana in a 5-4 Mets loss to the Diamondbacks.

EURO 2008 –  The Croats beat the Krauts 2-1, leaving the favored Germans in a need of a win in their final first round match to move on. Croatia must have won one for the 20-year-old heart attack victim. Who said soccer fans were in good shape?

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