Donovan McNabb Taken Off Fox And NBC Sports Airwaves Following His Arrest

donovan mcnabb
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Reports surfaced earlier last week about former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb’s second DUI arrest in two years. His employers, Fox Sports and NBC Sports, wasted no time in reacting to the news. Fox suspended him indefinitely on Sunday evening and then released this statement:

“It is important that Donovan use this time as best he can to resolve his personal situation,” the network said.

McNabb, according to police reports, rear-ended a car at a red light on June 28. There were no injuries, but when police responded to the scene, they allegedly found McNabb was impaired. McNabb co-hosts a weekday show with Mark Malone on NBC Sports Radio, running from 3 to 7 p.m. EST. On Tuesday last week, he released a statement on air regarding his recent arrest:

“There was a story that was released, and I want everybody to be cognizant of it, because I am very aware of it, handling the matter at this particular point,” McNabb said. “But at this point, I have no further information, and as we continue on with the situation, then we’ll let it handle as it will handle itself.”

The next day, NBC announced McNabb would be taking an immediate leave of absence to “address some personal issues.”

(Via CNN Money)