Ladies, The Minnesota Timberwolves Know What You Want: DVDs Of The 1st Season Of ‘Girls’

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11.07.13 10 Comments

Ladies Night Out

On Saturday, November 16, the Minnesota Timberwolves will take on the Boston Celtics in what will probably be a pretty boring game, what with the Celtics (presumably) being in tank mode and the Timberwolves being, well, the Timberwolves. But that doesn’t mean that the ladies can’t show up to the Target Center for a little night of craziness, because the Wolves are hosting “Ladies Night Out” and they’ve got everything a woman could ever need at a basketball game:

A ticket
A glass of beer, wine or soda
The first season of HBO’s Girls on DVD

All for $18? That’s better than a daytime TV marathon of Grey’s Anatomy!

Now, before you ladies go stampeding to the Ticket Oak to take advantage of this amazing deal, you might want to doll yourselves up a little bit and take some pride in your appearance. But don’t look too desperate for approval, otherwise the Timberwolves will just treat you like crap and make you feel bad about yourselves. Remember, Nov. 16 is your night, so act like it, and remember to have some fun while asking the men around you to explain the rules or open your Girls DVD.

(Banner via JE Skeets)

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