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UPDATE: The Herald is reporting that Stallworth had a BAC of 0.12 at the time of that crash Saturday morning. The legal limit is 0.08; the police have not confirmed the story.

Police are still investigating the man vs. car showdown that killed a 59-year old Miami resident when he was struck by a Bentley driven by Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth. Stallworth was driving down a causeway linking Miami and Miami Beach on Saturday morning when he struck Mario Reyes, a crane operator who had literally just finished his shift for the day. As of this writing, no charges have been filed.

Items still unclear are whether Stallworth was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while he was behind the wheel. The Miami Herald has video of the sobriety test that police issued Stallworth on the scene after the collision. Police drew blood from Stallworth at the scene, and at least one report says Stallworth will be charged with DUI manslaughter.

From PFT:

Per the source, Stallworth admitted to drinking at least four Patrons and two Margaritas. A separate source called that information “basically right,” but added that Stallworth contends he had his last drink at midnight. The incident occurred after 7:00 a.m. local time.

We’re also told that Stallworth claimed in his statement to police that he saw the man crossing the street from a distance, and flashed the high beams and honked the horn of the Bentley he was driving. Apparently, there’s an issue as to whether Stallworth could have taken evasive action because of a barrier along the median.

It’s too bad the brakes aren’t closer to the high beams or the horn. Some 48 hours after the crash, facts still seem to be trickling in. So let he who has never run down a pedestrian with his Bentley cast the first stone. Which is, basically, everyone.

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