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UPDATE: ESPN is calling BS; Whose anonymous sources trump whose?

If you needed further evidence that coaches in the NBA do relatively little more than just roll the balls out at practice, here you are: reports are coming from “off-the-record” sources in Cleveland that NBA Coach of the Year Mike Brown has less than the full confidence of the Cavs front office. From Pro Basketball News, via Game On:

Some key members of the organization feel Brown was badly out-coached by Orlando’s Stan Van Gundy, according to the sources. One source said Cavs management wasn’t only disappointed in the losses, “but equally disappointed in the (two) wins” in a series that went six games.

None of the sources would allow their names to be used, and only one agreed to be quoted.

The latter referred to Brown’s game plan as “junk,” and used that word several times to describe the offensive philosophy in Game 5 of the East finals — a 112-102 Cavs victory.

Another source who refused to be quoted implied Brown doesn’t know how or simply is not willing to open up his offense despite having weapons like James and Mo Williams, and to a lesser degree, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Delonte West.

I’ve said all along that the Lakers would match up with the Magic much like the Cavs did, which is why I liked the Magic in six games. But clearly, Phil Jackson has used his talent much better than Brown has (Dwight Howard’s soiling the bed notwithstanding). Will the Cavs find a guy that can outcoach Phil Jackson. I doubt it, but if the Cavs are looking for a more aggressive approach to their offense, why not bring in a new guy in a go-for-broke scenario during LeBron’s walk year. You can’t do any worse than “disappointing.”

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