Dortmund’s Goalkeeper Capped His Debut By Almost Losing His Front Teeth

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09.20.13 2 Comments

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On Wednesday, Napoli’s Lorenzo Insigne (above) nailed a spectacular free kick to help lift his club to a 2-1 victory over Borussia Dortmund in a Champions League match at Stadio San Paolo in Naples, Italy. I’m no soccer expert by any means – and I’m not sure what most of the things I mentioned in that first sentence mean – but a lot of people were really excited about it and I’ll take that as a sign that it was a big win.

What’s most interesting about the goal, though, is what happened immediately after the ball made it into the net. Making his debut for Dortmund was goalkeeper Mitchell Langarek, and he posted to Instagram yesterday that the goal was embarrassing for him on two counts: 1) It cost his team the game and 2) It cost him his two front teeth.

At about the :06 mark, you can see Langarek on the ground, which is nothing because I’d just assume that he was really pissed at himself for allowing that goal. But it turns out that he slammed into the goal post face-first and cracked the bottoms of his two front teeth right off.

Mitchell Langerak

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