Watch An Incredibly Rare Double Knockout Go Down At An MMA Fight In Missouri

Mixed Martial Arts is known for strange and wonderful things happening on a regular basis, but one thing that continues to be the unicorn of MMA finishes is the extremely rare double knockout. To our knowledge, the last time one happened was back in May of 2008 when Tyler Bryan and Shane Parker dropped each other dead at Legends of Fighting Championships 25 in Indiana. Former UFC fighter Shonie Carter was on hand as the referee to express the proper reaction to the event:

Now it’s happened again, this time at Shamrock Fighting Championships 285 (wow, that’s a lot of events) in Kansas City, Missouri. Axel Cazares and Alan Vasquez spent the first half of round one throwing bombs at each other and eventually two connected perfectly, leaving Vasquez laying on the canvas and Cavares sliding down the cage fence. While either knockout would have stopped the fight under normal circumstances, in this case the ref waited long enough for Alan Vasquez to get back to his feet. Axel Cazares tried to follow but faceplanted on his way up, prompting the referee to call the fight a victory for Vasquez.

But don’t get it twisted. We know what happened. That’s a double knockout right there if we’ve ever seen one. Which we have … once. And now twice. What a sport MMA is.