Drew Bledsoe Wants Some Cheese To Go With His W(h)ine

05.13.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe is making a name for himself after retirement, this time as a high-profile vintner. No, that’s not somebody who “vintns,” but thanks for double-checking.

It has taken seven years for Bledsoe to get to this point, where he is able to offer samples of his creation to consumers, but in the true style of a man who was once the first overall pick in the NFL draft and helped usher a moribund franchise toward the top of the football world, he wants his wine to be the best.

“We’re trying as hard as we can to be one of the best wines in the world and we won’t cut any corners to get there,’’ he said.

He is off to a good start. Famed critic Robert Parker of The Wine Advocate gave Doubleback a rating of 91-94, which is “outstanding’’ on the newsletter’s scale. Ever the competitor, Bledsoe said somewhat under his breath that his group believes the rating was a bit low. –Boston Herald.

Outstanding, apparently, isn’t good enough for the guy that got somehow started in front of Tom Brady AND Tony Romo? Such high standards, sir. I don’t think much of him as a vintner. I liked him better when he was just a whiner. See what I did there? Eh, stuff it, it’s a slow day.

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