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Delisa Schubert complained to the country club about golfers peeing near her house.  The country club did nothing, so she did what any other American would do: she filmed the urinators.

Schubert has reported the problem to police, city officials, the local district attorney and the golf course manager. They suggested she record the offenders, and in a year she says she has captured more than 40 golfers in the act…

Schubert, her husband and daughters ages 11 and 15 live next to the Tennessee Centennial Golf Course in Oak Ridge, 20 miles west of Knoxville. She said they family moved there so the girls could improve their golf game.

Read: their daughters are stocky and unpopular.

Schubert says the underlying problem is too much beer and no restraint… "On the face of this, it's funny. But when you think about it, it's extremely dangerous. They're going to get in their car and drive off drunk."

So now it's about the drunk drivers, eh?  People always wanna blame the drunk drivers.  "Oh, a drunk driver killed this family of four."  "A drunk driver horribly disfigured a carful of teenagers."  Nobody ever wants hear that the margaritas are responsible, even though they were half-priced during happy hour and totally didn't hit me until I stood up.  Especially not the judge.  Believe me.

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