Ducks Fan Fulfills Promise On Reddit, Gets ‘Corey Perry Is A Saint’ Tattoo

Calgary Flames v Anaheim Ducks - Game One
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Corey Perry has been a monster during the 2015 NHL Playoffs. The Anaheim Ducks’ winger has accrued 15 points, eight assists and seven goals through the first two rounds, leading the team in points and goals.

In fact, Perry has been so good that one Ducks fan is honoring the team’s alternate captain with a tattoo. During the squad’s series-clincher against the Calgary Flames, Reddit user xbeefedgex said that if the Ducks were able to win, he would get “Corey Perry is a saint”  tattooed on his body. The Ducks ended up winning because Perry did this in overtime:

Being a man of his word, xbeefedgex updated his original post, then posted a picture of his ink on Reddit. Here is a picture of the tattoo, via the Instagram account of the tattoo artist.

Good on xbeefedgex for keeping his word. We’ll see if Perry can continue to tear up the Playoffs and continue to work towards Sainthood in the Western Conference Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks.

(Via Reddit)