03.26.07 11 years ago 5 Comments

I admit, I drink the Duke haterade, even though the handful of people I know who went to Duke aren't douchebags, alleged rapists, or even from New Jersey. They do, however, complain at the slightest mention of Duke hatred. And it's totally justified, too, because Duke has suffered a calamitous drop in nationwide popularity: the most popular college basketball team for the last four years running, they're now only the second most-liked team in the nation.

So, who's the new prom queen? That would be the UNC Tar Heels, who, though they lost their Elite 8 game to Georgetown in OT by refusing to make a basket for most of the final ten minutes, beat out Duke by (a) having a better basketball team, (b) sporting that cool argyle pattern on the sides of their jerseys, and (c) cashing in on the sympathy vote following the loss of their mascot, Rameses (incorrect spelling of Ramesses courtesy of North Carolina public schools).

Well, I guess technically Rameses (pictured, far right, in happier times) didn't die, but the person inside of him, Jason Ray, did. And it's so much more tragic, I think, when a mascot is dead on the inside. You just don't get the same sense of joy out of the trampoline dunks.

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