New Jersey Lost And Now Spider-Man's Kids Are Drinking Yoo-hoo Out Of The Stanley Cup

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.14.12 3 Comments

This is a New Jersey Devils fan’s worst nightmare. The Kings blow out your team in an absolute display of Milhouse In Goal to win Lord Stanley’s Cup, and instead of treating it with reverence (or at least leveraging it for extra stripper time) the team captain takes it home, drops it off in his yard and lets his kids wear superhero jammies and drink Pediasure out of it. And not even drink it, they’re just playing with it.

Via Puck Daddy:

On Tuesday morning, the Cup was in [Dustin] Brown’s backyard and it was his kid’s turn to take a drink out of the bowl. No, there weren’t any alcohol beverages. Instead, Brown’s two boys, Jake and Mason, took the opportunity to do what we all did as kids: blow bubbles while drinking chocolate milk.

Good to know Dustin Brown is raising his own Hank and Dean Venture. One of them needs Aquaman pajamas.

In all seriousness, this is one of the reasons why the Stanley Cup rules and a good example of what you should do when you win it. The only problem comes from all the nasty stories the Cup’s been a part of … do you really want your kids drinking out of something that’s had so many naked lady asses in it?

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