Dwyane Wade Apparently Paints His Toenails

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07.09.12 3 Comments

Far be it for me to judge another man, or specifically a man with millions of dollars, a smoking hot model/actress girlfriend, and two NBA championships, but I couldn’t help but at least slightly raise my eyebrow when Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade posted the above photo of what I believe is his foot on his Instagram account with the following message: “Matte black paint… RockStar ish.”

So yeah, one of the best basketball players in the world paints his toenails. Close your eyes, clear your mind, take a deep breath, and imagine the stupid responses that he received.

And there were worse responses. Much worse. Oh Internet, don’t ever change your ignorant, homophobic ways. Like I said, the guy has more money than most countries will ever see. Plus, have you ever dated a smoking hot girl? I dated an ordinary, good-looking girl in college and she almost convinced me to wear a toe ring. I’m just saying, before you go judging a guy, ask yourself what you’d do if Gabrielle Union told you to do it.

I guarantee at least half of you painted your toenails just thinking about it.

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