‘EA Sports College Football 25’ Confirmed They Have All 134 FBS Schools In The Game

When EA Sports announced that they were bringing back their college football video game franchise under a new name, there was some wonder as to whether they’d be able to make it as complete a game as in the past when they had NCAA licensing. Without the NCAA involved, they would have to work with each school to get them in the game and while one would think schools would want that kind of publicity, with college administrations you can never be sure.

That is why Thursday’s announcement by EA Sports brought a little added excitement for this summer’s release, as they confirmed all 134 FBS schools had signed on to be in the game.

That means all the big schools from the Big Ten, SEC, and ACC, but more importantly it means the opportunity to take a Sun Belt or Mountain West team and build them into a powerhouse. That was always the magic of the game, turning a team like UMass into a national title contender, and having every school signed on ensures that remains the case.

We also learned on Thursday that ESPN’s Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit will be on the call for games in EA Sports College Football, along with a handful of other ESPN personalities being a part of the game like Kevin Conners, Jesse Palmer, and Robert Griffin III.

More full details on the game will be coming in May, but for now we can be happy that every team at the FBS level will be represented and the top commentator team in the sport will be calling the action.