Editorial: Reggie Bush Must Apologize For Using the L-Word


Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have drawn fire recently for their use of gay slurs and the word “retarded” (sometimes simultaneously), but nothing as been quite as serious as today’s Tweets from New Orleans Saints temporary running back Reggie Bush. In an attempt at “humor,” Mr. Bush used the L-word, prompting an immediate and thorough negative feedback from both people who can and cannot properly use the word “your.”

Here is an image of the Tweets, but I have to warn you, the situation is quite severe.

Tweets in response to Reggie Bush being friendly include “yeah cause people wanna see football, dick!!,” “because your a spoiled lazy fool. Screw all the fans so you can vacation while we’re getting killed at the pump. Doushe bag!,” and the incredibly biting “@reggie_bush you seem to be working hard to get better #not”

As a journalist, it is my duty to challenge Mr. Bush, and ask him to consider how painful his choice of language can be to both his peers and fans and apologize. After all, this sort of blanket lambasting of the NFL’s efforts can be tolerated. #not