Either Meat Hard Or Yo Mama Gone Quit

10.19.10 8 years ago

  • Magic Johnson is getting out of the Laker business. I remember him talking about how he once nailed six girls at the same time. How is that even possible?

    The Hoop Doctors.

  • Who in the world keeps killing these endangered animals? And how do they taste?


  • Here’s a fun gallery of collectible Iron Man figurines. I’m hoping that they’ve packed enough firepower to annihilate that exhibit of creepy-assed china dolls in that neighboring exhibit.


  • This is the first funny thing that Tina Fey may or may not have done in quite some time.


  • WHOA WHOA WHOA there’s actually a Jay-Z/MC Hammer feud? Isn’t Mr. Z clearly aware that he can’t touch this?

    THE Smoking Jacket.

  • When WWE superstars invade Indian reality TV, magic happens.

    Camel Clutch Blog.

  • Tony Dungy kinda looks like Count Chocula. To be fair, Count Chocula’s son never committed suicide. He’s a cartoon. He is incapable of breeding.

    The Wiz Wit.

  • This is what 105 tons of weed looks like. This was all seized in Tijuana with about 400,000 bags of Doritos.

    The Sun (UK).

  • Beatles covers. Twenty-one of them. Or maybe this is a new album preview from Oasis. I really can’t tell anymore.


  • It’s official: orangutans are getting more sex than you are. Hey, don’t get too upset. They’re just f:cking other orangutans.


  • Here’s a recap of that UFC event that ended last weekend, you know, in case you hadn’t made yoru way to it yet.

    The Cage Doctors.

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