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In the most predictable result of an online poll since I was one of the choices on a "hunkiest blogger" questionnaire, Erin Andrews was voted the sexiest sportscaster by

When it comes to sexy sportscasters, apparently there's Erin Andrews, and then everybody else. ESPN's leggy, lovely sideline reporter pulled in nearly 40 percent of the votes to win our poll in a landslide. […] The former Florida Gator basketball team dancer is now one of ESPN's marquee names, and it's always a pleasure to watch her sideline reporting during ESPN's college football telecasts.

Yeah, okay.  She's very attractive.  But I still don't really understand all the slack-jawed fascination with her.  She's an intelligent sideline reporter with aspirations to move further up the ladder, so you can bet your ass she's never going to do any sexy photo shoots. 

People get all excited when she wears a tight sweater.  Ooh, sexy!  Let me just travel back in time to 1954 so that will be enough for me to masturbate to!  It's fucking sad.  You may as well have the hots for a politician.  "Holy shit, dude!  Check out this screen grab of Nancy Pelosi I got from C-SPAN!  I think those are real pearls!"

Photo by Martin Vloet 

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