ESPN Is The Worst, ‘How To Make A Poster’ Edition

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.26.13 5 Comments

ESPN How To Make A Poster

This infographic (“info” graphic) appeared on the flagship television show from the Worldwide Leader in Sports. The image of the infographic comes from Reddit, which is part of the Internet, which in total cannot believe that people are getting paid to whip up shitty infographics like this for the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

The worst part is … well, its existence, but the other worst part is how unhelpful it is. Half of it is super vague. GET TURNOVER. DUNK. STARE DOWN. I don’t think they put all of that on the poster. Posters are singular images, not Sportsflix. And then the true gem, “fast break with Norris Cole.” That’s awfully specific, guys! I guess at ESPN, LeBron James is the only dude who gets to be on posters. I’d love to see Blake Griffin get depressed that nobody’s ever taken a picture of him dunking and demand that the Clippers trade for Norris Cole.

Here’s how to make a pie, courtesy of ESPN:

– buy groceries

– turn on your oven

– ask Dwyane Wade to lob you a cookie sheet

– eat the pie

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