Everyone Else Is Doing The Harlem Shake So Why Wouldn't The Dallas Mavericks?

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02.12.13 9 Comments

I’m not much of a dancer, not since that time that a preacher banned dancing in my town and my family moved away right before a rebellious teenager arrived and showed everyone that dancing is actually fun. But the word on the streets these days is that all the cool hepcats and daddy-O’s are getting funky to a new little move called the Harlem Shake.

Unfortunately, a Harlem Shake is not a Dairy Queen Blizzard mixed with cognac as I originally hoped, and as our Warming Glow comrade Josh Kurp previously pointed out, it is a strange dance craze along the lines of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and Oprah’s* “twerk”. Basically, you just shake your arms like a car dealership balloon guy and hope that no one calls an ambulance for that “crazy drunk a-hole” having a seizure. Even the Norwegian army is getting in on the action.

And because they’re hip to all the new styles, the Dallas Mavericks players made their own Harlem Shake video and it’s as strange as everything else they’ve ever done.

I can’t decide what I like more about this video. Is it Dirk Nowitzki’s faceless wobble?

Or is it Vince Carter’s throwback style?

I guess I just love them both equally.

*Oprah may not have invented twerking; however, we have no way of ever knowing.

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