For An Expectedly Tolerant Take On Michael Sam Coming Out, Here’s Taiwan Animation

This is the first Taiwan Animation video we’ve shared in a months. For a while there we were sharing their take on EVERYTHING — UFC, Johnny Football being urinated on, suicides — but we went through a bout of badly-animated burnout. In a world where you can get 3,000 likes on a Keith Olbermann post and two days later get 60 comments about how nobody wants to read about Olbermann, a balance must be maintained.

I think there’s no better time to check back in with the Next Media Animation psychos than when an NFL prospect comes out of the closet and suddenly becomes undraftable because he’s “overrated” and things that totally have nothing to do with him being gay. Taiwan’s gonna cover this with objectivity, right? They’re gonna look at it with a critical eye, and not just animate Michael Sam giving flowers to a shirtless guy while a woman cries, or show a three-way kiss between a football player, baseball player and basketball player, right?

(Well, it’s not as gad as it could be.)

I wish Taiwan Animation had been around when Jackie Robinson was trying to break into baseball. I wonder if his story video would’ve ended with a Native American kicking somebody in the nuts, too?