Ridiculously Good Looking Men Spar Over the Future of the World… Cup

06.04.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

If you haven’t noticed, this is my extremely clumsy attempt at securing massive hits from the female With Leather audience, if there is one. I command ye to reveal yourself (if you know what I mean)! Men, go forward this to your wives please.

So apparently, none other than hollywood heartthrob and Benjamin Button star Brad Pitt is helping the United States campaign their way to a potential World Cup hosting gig in either 2018 or 2022. The only thing standing in his way? Futbal fashionista David Beckham. He thinks it’s time for the British to show off their froggy weather and importing hooker ability.

Brad Pitt, is facing off against David Beckham in hopes that the U.S. will host soccer’s biggest event, the FIFA World Cup, in 2018 or 2022. “Soccer is a truly global sport and the opportunity to join the effort to have the U.S. host the world’s greatest sporting event again is a great honor,” the actor, who joined the board of directors of the committee hosting the American bid, said in a statement. But British soccer star David is, of course, rooting to bring the monthlong tournament “across the pond” — he personally handed over England’s bid in May, noting that “football runs through our veins.” Posh’s hubby is currently in South Africa watching the World Cup — and perhaps plotting to foil Brad’s efforts! — In Touch Weekly

Aww, look. It seems like it’ll be a cordial hot man rivalry, right? WRONG! In 2008 when Snoop Dogg‘s kids wanted some soccer tutelage, Beckham was happy to oblige him with a few lessons. But when Pitt wanted Beckham to do the same thing for Angelina Jolie‘s precious Maddox, Beckham declined. Was he most likely just busy? Probably. But for the sake of this story, NO!

David Beckham was more than glad to help Snoop Dogg’s kids learn the art of soccer from him. But a report claimed that the English soccer star snubbed Brad Pitt after the actor asked him to help out Maddox.

According to a report, Brad asked pal David Beckham to give son Maddox private soccer lessons, and didn’t pout when David took a pass – he simply hired an old family friend and school soccer ace to tutor the tyke three times a week. -Sponkit

You see that? There may be an underlying current of white hot hatred coursing through their veins. Yeah, of course he “didn’t pout”, he’s Brad Pitt. He probably threw his refrigerator at a school bus in outrage! I’ll be rooting for Pitt because he’s on the American side (U-S-A! U-S-A!) and he’s made better movies.


Shakey's on your side, Brad. You may now touch your nips in celebration.

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